More Than
Just a Church

A Place Where We Love, Live and Lead Like Christ.

Our Vision

Embodying Jesus Christ until He is seen in the way we love, live & lead.

A vision where FAMILIES are strong units, founded in the Word, and raising men and women to be people of integrity, honor and discipline.

A vision where COMMUNITIES work together to help the less fortunate so that everyone is not only employed but empowered to be contributing members of society.

A vision where CORPORATIONS and GOVERNMENTS turn to men and women of faith (Christian faith) for guidance, direction and leadership in business and governmental affairs. God continues to bring people to Refresh who are both skilled and passionate about the Kingdom to help make this vision a reality.

Our Mission

Sharing Jesus Christ in every part of the world.


Church History

Under the spiritual covering of The International Pentecostal Holiness Association in Montgomery, Alabama, and the recommendation and unanimous approval of the congregation, Stephen A. Davis was installed as Senior Pastor of Pinson Valley Worship Center in March 1997.

Apostle Davis took on the task of rebuilding a ministry that had experienced much turmoil. He cast the vision with clear direction – equipping believers to break through religious boundaries to see people miraculously made whole, in other words, “Living a Religious Free Lifestyle”. As a result, in 1998, the church more than doubled in size.

Being led by the Lord, Apostle Davis moved the church from Pinson, Alabama to Center Point, Alabama. In 2001, the original name was changed to “The Refiner’s House”, based on Malachi 3:1-3. During this transition, The Refiner’s House held its services at the Center Point courthouse every Sunday morning and evening. The church continued to grow numerically, financially and, most importantly, spiritually. The following year, the church purchased and renovated a warehouse located on the Center Point Parkway. In 2003, Bishop Davis expanded his ministry through television, airing on Birmingham cable twice a week.

By November 2004, the church had outgrown its two services in the warehouse and purchased a 300- seat facility with a fellowship hall, administrative offices and an educational building with classrooms and a youth center. Apostle Davis continued to further the spread of the gospel via radio and television.

Apostle Davis served faithfully under the spiritual covering of Bishop Jim Lowe and The Guiding Light Church in Birmingham, Alabama, for five years. Under the leadership of Bishop Lowe, Apostle Davis’ ability to establish church order and government, as well as his ability to structure the Kingdom of God for success, was highly impacted. In June of 2006, being drawn by the Holy Spirit and the blessing of Bishop Lowe, Apostle Davis submitted under the spiritual covering of Apostle Eddie L. Long of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Stonecrest (Lithonia), Georgia.

The church experienced unprecedented growth once again. In order to accommodate the overflow of people sent by the Lord, The Refiner’s House purchased a larger facility, its current location at 117 12th Court Northwest, Birmingham, Alabama. This campus includes a 93,000 square foot complex, which seats 2,300 and contains a family life center, administrative offices, chapel, two kitchens (one commercialized), fellowship hall, 73 classrooms, 41 restrooms, a playground, and land for further expansion.

Apostle Davis, under the spiritual covering of Apostle Eddie L. Long, was commissioned on February 8, 2009, as an Ambassador of The Fathers House, which is a pastoral alliance that serves as a fellowship and outreach to senior pastors globally.

On November 13, 2015, Apostle Long consecrated and ordained Apostle Davis as the fifth Bishop in the Global Apostolic Council which helps govern the Lord’s Church.

Apostle Davis remained under the spiritual covering of Apostle Eddie L. Long until his transition on January 15, 2017.

Apostle Davis was inducted into the distinguished Morehouse College Martin Luther King Jr. College of Ministers and Laity Board of Preachers on April 5, 2018. And on April 14, 2019, Apostle Davis was affirmed as an Apostle of the Lord’s church by Bishop Tudor Bismark.

Apostle Davis now continues to lead Refresh Family Church of more than 5000 members with a mission and vision to “Spread Jesus Christ in every part of the world” and to “Embody Jesus Christ in the way we Love, Live and Lead”. Under his direction, Refresh Family Church has expanded to include campuses in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Brent, Alabama, Mableton, Georgia; Refresh Worship Center in West Birmingham, AL and two international campuses in Liberia and South Korea.

Being a man of divine guidance and vision, Apostle Davis boldly stands on the Word of God. As a forerunner, he leads by example, showing others how to have a relationship with God, not just a religious experience. In doing so, Apostle Davis has led and expanded his original congregation from 23 members into the megachurch it is today.

Bishop Stephen A. Davis

Stephen A. Davis

Apostle Davis is a bold charismatic speaker whose impact reaches internationally. With unwavering passion, as the Senior Pastor, Apostle Davis now continues to lead Refresh Family Church of more than 5000 members with a mission to “Spread Jesus Christ in every part of the world.” and a vision to “Embody Jesus Christ until He is seen in the way we Love, Live and Lead.” Under his direction Refresh Family Church has expanded to include a second Birmingham campus, campuses in Tuscaloosa, Alabama; Brent, Alabama; Mableton Georgia and international locations in Liberia and South Korea.

Bishop Davis is also the founder of Apostolic Global Impact. Click here to learn more and to apply for membership.

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